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Chandeliers add sparkle and brilliance to your home, and are often a statement piece. They are the jewelry for your home.

We specialize in cleaning the Chandeliers.  We do not clean windows or houses, we clean chandeliers, and we are very good at it.

Since most chandeliers require partial or complete dis-assembly, our experienced chandelier cleaning experts have been extensively trained in these procedures and special attention is given to label each piece when being cleaned.

Chandeliers are often kept for generations as heirlooms. And we respect that, we will treat your property as if it were our own.

We can also handle chandelier moving, relocating, storage,
installation, repair, rewiring, and draping.

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Chandelier cleaning services


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We recommend our chandelier cleaning services if you have:

  • recently renovated a room
  • had your hardwood floors refinished
  • moved into a new home and need to move the chandeliers
  • thought of listing your home for sale
  • decided that a scheduled maintenance plan would work for you


Over time, a build up of dust and dirt can result in a dull appearance, which can harm the finished framework, the glass and crystals.
You can rely on TLC Lighting Pros to restore and maintain the radiance and brilliance that your chandeliers were designed to inspire!

Sometimes the Chandelier can be cleaned on site, but if the need warrants we do take it to our shop to clean it, and we are Fully Insured